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With the same vision of future that has been started years ago, our company has faced this new long-term activity, foresting different species like Pine, Eucalyptus, Kiri and Grevillea Robusta among others.

Being often complemented with the cattle activity, with a deep awareness of the need to preserve the environment, in the last years our company has made the major development of this activity, taking advantage of the high forestry potential of the area, with abundant rainfall, ideal climate and soil to achieve high-growth forests. Seeds and seedlings have the best available genetics. 
Implantation techniques are automated and we work on the land only in the plantation line, because as areas of virgin or cattle grounds it is not necessary to overturn the native vegetation.

Permanently pruning and thinning are performed selecting the superior trees in order to achieve an intensive forestry of high efficiency and homogeneity.

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