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In its beginnings Molinos La Misión S.A. began as a personal enterprise of Mr. Juan Eladio Stepaniuk, a son of Ukrainian immigrants who arrived in the country during the first great European emigration at the beginning of the 20th century. With his family support, and specially his mother, Mrs. Nina Solovej de Stepaniuk, who always knew how to instill the love for the work and the land, Mr. Juan began to realize the first plantations of Yerba Mate in Obera city, Province of Misiones.

Years later, he built the dryer and in few years more the mill in order to culminate the productive process from the preparation of the seedlings, passing through the plantations, harvest, drying and packing until the sale of the final product.

The Yerba Mate activity remains the most important one with hundreds of hectares of own plantations, located in different geographical points of Misiones and Corrientes provinces, distributing our products in several regions of the country and abroad.

Over the years Molinos La Mision S.A. has begun de task of diversification, expanding its field of action and also the black tea production, exclusively marked abroad, as well as a large forest and cattle activities.

This is a brief historical review about that little enterprise which today has managed to grow and solidify as an important family company in the region, looking to the future in order to continue growing betting to the country and always looking for the highest quality and the entire satisfaction of its clients.

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